May 15, 2010




A Quick History

Born an Okie, I moved to Alaska for the first time in 1984 to spend the summer with family. From then on, I spent nearly every other summer in Alaska until 1996 when I decide to move here permanently. Since then I have worked for several Alaska companies including Internet Alaska, Alaska USA FCU and GCI. In 2000 and again in late 2005, I have moved out of Alaska for a few gigs including a stint at Starbucks as a new media/web dev project manager.


Since July 2010 I have been the Executive Director for the Iron Dog Race. It’s been a wild ride and I’m thrilled to say that I managed to survive the first year with some big “wins” along the way. I managed to get live TV coverage for the first time in the 28 year history of the event, raise the prize purse to its highest level and attract some national TV productions by National Geographic, Outdoor Channel, etc. As of 2015, the Iron Dog has reached new levels of participation, engagement and support with many “firsts”, such as live TV, national TV, downtown Fairbanks finish, Anchorage downtown start and the addition of the Flying Iron freestyle with national athletes and sponsors.

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My personal passion:

To bring the feeling, passion and joy to the car enthusiasts who appreciate the overall dynamic versus a specification sheet and to convert those who don’t know the difference. Cars are my passion and I am focused on directing all my professional talent into a role that aligns with this lifelong interest.

My projects:

In between contract projects, I have been working on a few other things…

Alumaski – A sport utility jetboat manufacturer.
Contracted to develop a promotional tour across western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. The 2015 campaign drove sales and further cemented the product direction as a specialized Search and Rescue vehicle.

Alaska Hospitality Retailers – A trade organization for hotels, restaurants, tourism, bars, etc.
I joined a newly formed entity as a board member (and current chair of the fundraising committee) to help further the interests of the hospitality industry in Alaska. The new group is comprised of many great businesses across Alaska that generates hundreds of millions in economic prosperity outside of the oil, gas, mining and fishing industries most commonly associated with Alaska economics.

Kastner for State House – My first political campaign.
I made an unsuccessful run in 2014 for a State House seat. While a little disappointing, the experience was invaluable and I still managed to exceed my target number of votes. I lost by 189 votes.  I do plan to return to this arena, someday.

The New Triumph Car – Concept to revive the Triumph automobile marque.
An idea not yet realized.